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VersaStudio Software (Version 2.42) 32-bit & 64-bit OS

Important!  Read Before Downloading Software!

WARNING:  If running a version of VersaStudio older than 1.28 PLEASE contact our
Technical Support team for instructions BEFORE attempting update to avoid installation problems.  Beginning with VersaStudio 2.00, a new USB driver is used to interface between the VersaStudio software and the VersaSTAT and PARSTAT Series hardware. If this download is to be used to upgrade an existing system using a VersaStudio version <2.00, then converting over to this new USB driver is required.

Please update ALL computers whether used to run the instruments or just for data analysis with the new software version, as opening a newer data file (one acquired with ver. 2.00 or newer) with an older version (1.55, for example) can cause data to be permanently lost; backwards compatibility (opening older files with newer version) should be fine.

Click below to Download VersaStudio 2.42 32-bit & 64-bit
VersaStudio v2.42

*Please uninstall any previous version of VersaStudio before installing version 2.42

Getting Started with PowerSUITE®
Download Now (Manual - file size 943.5 KB)
PowerSUITE® Patch Disk Info and Download

PowerSINE® Update (upgrades version 2.42 and greater to version 2.46)
Download Now (file size 4,120 KB)

PowerCV® Update (upgrades version 2.42 and greater to version 2.47)
Download Now (file size 4,572 KB)

PowerSTEP® Update (upgrades version 2.37 and greater to version 2.42)
Download Now (file size 4,348 KB)

PowerCORR® Update (upgrades version 2.42 and greater to version 2.48)
Download Now (file size 4,812 KB)

PowerPULSE® Update (upgrades version 1.03 and greater to version 1.07)
Download Now (file size 5,292 KB)



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